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We can do more together

As part of our desire to continue the mission established nearly 125 years ago by our nine women founders, we provide our members opportunities to give back with our support.

One of those ways is through a Royal Neighbors Community Chapter. Located across the country, and led by women like you, our chapters are changing communities through their volunteer and philanthropic work in their local neighborhood.

You can join a current chapter in your neighborhood, or you can start one that focuses on the needs of your community. We will provide you with funding to help make chapter projects and goals a reality. The more volunteer activity your chapter generates, the more funding its eligible to receive.

Chapters range in size and activities. Some chapters focus on impacting a nonprofit in their community while another may focus on projects that impact a variety of community concerns.

Participating with a chapter gives you the opportunity to network with members from all over the country and engage in other unique programs offered by Royal Neighbors such as Chapter Matching Funds, Difference Maker Fund, and Nation of Neighbors.

You can do more for your neighborhood with Royal Neighbors.

Ready to Start?

We’re here to help you! Learn moreCall (800) 627-4762 to speak with a Member Engagement Specialist to start making a difference in your community.

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Community Chapters

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Current Chapter Leaders

Current Community Chapter Leaders can find forms and more information on the Chapter Leaders area of our website.

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