Community Chapters

Change Begins With You

By joining a Royal Neighbors chapter in your area you can work with a group of people who share your desire to help others. It’s easy. Chances are you’re already doing things like attending community events and volunteering in your community. Now, with a little help from your friends at Royal Neighbors, you can create positive change and have fun! 

Chapter Leaders Volunteering

Be a Chapter Trail Blazer

No chapter in your area?  No worries. You can start one. Royal Neighbors helps provide supplies, funding, and support. And the more active your chapter, the more opportunities to receive additional funding.

If you are ready to take the lead and make a difference, Royal Neighbors is ready to help you blaze a trail of neighbor-it-forward goodwill in your community. 

It starts with a call. If you are interested in learning how to start a chapter, call (800) 627-4762 and ask for Chapter Services.

Current Chapter Leaders

Currently Community Leadership Chapter Leaders can find forms and more information on the Chapter Leaders area of our website.

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