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For more than 125 years, Royal Neighbors of America has recognized that the U.S. is more than a nation of individuals; we are a nation of communities, a nation of neighbors. This is the founding principal that inspired nine women to start an organization that became one of the first to insure women, and then children. Driven by a desire to make a difference for other women and their communities, what started as a social gathering grew to be one of the largest women-led life insurers in the country.

As a member of Royal Neighbors, you are a member of a fraternal benefit society. Fraternal benefit societies are membership-based organizations that are centered on three great traditions.

  • First, individuals voluntarily join together based upon a common bond.
  • Second, they organize themselves with their fellow members through a network of local organizations called chapters.
  • And, third, there is a strong commitment to mutual support of the members and service to communities.

As a member, you can financially protect your family and make an impact in your neighborhood. Whether you have a little time or a lot, we have many ways you can make a difference about things you care about, things that make your local town or city a better place to live and grow.

Community Chapters Icon

Community Chapters

Join or connect with your chapter.
Difference Maker Fund Icon

Difference Maker Fund

Make a difference with our help.
Member Relief Fund Icon

Member Relief Fund

A fund to help our members in need.
Nation of Neighbors Icon

Nation of Neighbors℠

Nominate a woman for this grant.
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Apply for one of our college scholarships.

Royal Neighbors of America offers two types of membership

  • Beneficial Membership
    Beneficial members are members who have a financial product with Royal Neighbors. These members are insured by Royal Neighbors or are the owners of an annuity or settlement contract with Royal Neighbors, who is not currently on Extended Term Insurance. There is no additional membership fee.
  • General Membership
    General members are members who don’t have a financial product with us and are 15 years or older who apply for membership and pay an annual membership fee of $20. Anyone holding a general membership who has not reached the age of 15 is considered a youth general member.

The importance of neighbors-helping-neighbors has been part of our vision since 1895. In addition to our financial products, our members have access to a variety of philanthropy programs designed to enhance our members’ ability to contribute to the Social Good of their local community.

OpportunityGeneral MemberBeneficial Member
Royal Neighbors Community Chapter – an opportunity to volunteer and give back to your community with a group of members in your local area. If your area doesn’t have a chapter, we can help you launch one with funding to get you started. xx
Difference Maker Fund – apply to receive $200 in funding for a volunteer project you are leading in your communityxx
Member Savings Program – access to hundreds of opportunities to save money on dental, vision, legal services, telehealth visits, retail, and morexx
Nation of Neighbors℠ empowerment program – nominate someone who is empowering women and girls in your community  x
Royal Neighbors Scholarship Program – nearly $200,000 is awarded annually to support the educational endeavors of our members  x
Member Relief Fund – this fund provides financial assistance to qualifying members who experience major illness or property damage due to natural disasters x
Subscription to The Royal Neighbor magazine – you can find this publication online and in printxx
Voting Privileges – learn more by reviewing our By-laws x
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