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Virtual Donation Drive

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  1. Find a Local Partner
    Choose a local partner that is in need of books, hygiene items, or other supplies, then determine their specific needs, such as children’s books. Examples include a women’s shelter, an area foodbank, or a local school. *This is also when to confirm the donation start and end date with your local partner.
  2. Get the Word Out with Details
    Be sure to include the start and end date, along with how to donate. Let friends and family know via social media, an email, and/or by a phone call.
  3. Build a Virtual Team
    Talk to your chapter, family, friends, colleagues, faith groups, etc., to join in your effort.
  4. Encourage Donating
    If available, provide an Amazon Wishlist for the local partner so people can purchase directly from the list. You can also encourage volunteers to purchase items online and ship items directly to the local partner’s location. Another option is to leave a box to collect donated items at a designated drop-off location and share this location with friends and family. Be sure to check with the organization you choose to support to learn if they will accept used items at this time.
  5. Alternative Option: Facebook Fundraising
    This is a great way to rally support from home. Choose a worthy cause and set up a fundraiser online.

Hygiene Drive
Towel Donation
Bedding Drive

You are Finished! Wasn't that easy?

Be sure to document everything with lots of photos to share with Royal Neighbors. This is also the time to send thank-you notes to your donors and volunteers.

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