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Chapter Templates

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You can use the following templates by printing them and filling them in by hand or by opening them on your computer as fillable PDFs and typing in your information.

Chapter Leader FormDescription
Annual Chapter Business Meeting AgendaUse to outline what will happen during the annual business meeting.
Chapter Meeting AgendaUse to outline what’s going to happen at your regular meeting and share with members so they know what will be discussed.
Chapter Meeting Minutes Use to record meeting minutes.
Chapter Meeting Reference SheetA handy document you can refer to if you want to learn more about meeting agenda items. For example, how do we approve the meeting minutes?
Donation Receipt
Use when thanking an organization or person who has donated something to help with your chapter’s events or activities.
Volunteer Hours Tracking Sheet Use to track your chapter’s volunteer hours.
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Form #: P00683; Rev. 6-2023