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6-Step Meal Delivery

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  1. Find a Local Partner
    Choose a local partner that is in need of food. Examples include a neighbor, families with school-aged children, someone elderly.
  2. Contact this Person/Family
    Inform this person/family via phone or email that you will be leaving a meal. Be sure to learn more about their dietary restrictions at this time.
  3. Identify a Drop-Off Location and a Timeframe
    Examples include a front doorstep, outside of their garage door, or on their back porch. Confirm this location with this person/family.
  4. Prepare a Healthy Meal
    Wash your hands and take the necessary safety precautions when preparing this meal.
  5. Package the Meal for Delivery
    Use food containers to package the meal and place containers in a bag. You may also want to include other side items that go along with the meal, such as a box of crackers for soup.
  6. Delivery
    Drop off the meal at the time and place previously discussed.

Meal Packaging
Packaged Meals

You are Finished! Wasn't that easy?

Be sure to document everything with lots of photos to share with Royal Neighbors. This is also the time to send thank-you notes to your donors and volunteers.

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Form #: P00492; Rev. 6-2021