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Help YOUR Community Champion

There is only one thing as good as making a difference in your community – helping your community champion who goes above and beyond to inspire and make lives better. Royal Neighbors members have a unique opportunity to support local community champions by nominating them for a Nation of Neighbors℠ empowerment grant. 

Tapestry Farms provides guidance to female refugees

Oct 16, 2018
Photo of Cynthia Tidwell with Ann McGlynn with award
Shown above, left to right, Cynthia Tidwell, Royal Neighbors President/CEO and Ann McGlynn, Nation of Neighbors℠ empowerment grant recipient.

Tapestry Farms began with Ann McGlynn’s vision to embrace and empower refugee women in the Quad Cities area of Iowa and Illinois. She saw the need to support women who were stepping off a plane into an unknown country. Tapestry Farms provides guidance as the women work through systemic community barriers such as safe and affordable housing, quality education and childcare, medical care and U.S. citizenship. The Nation of Neighbors℠ grant will allow Tapestry Farms to strengthen its foundation, share its story with a larger audience and build new partnerships.

Ann has been personally inspired by a quote given to her by a mentor: “Everything has a deep dream of itself and its fulfillment.” She explains, “Tapestry Farms is a dream formed over many years of experiences, challenges, friendships and unknowns. The grant will give Tapestry Farms resources to work with women to see how best they can earn money to foster economic independence for their families. It is one of the pieces that is actively moving this dream to fulfillment.”

Nation of Neighbors, Royal Neighbors’ signature program to empower women, provides financial assistance to individuals who have a plan to start or expand a business, an organization or group that helps women and girls. Nearly $2 million has been awarded since 2007.

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