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Important news for members about the election of the Royal Neighbors of America board of directors.

Outside directors serving on the Royal Neighbors of America board of directors are elected by the Society’s adult Beneficial Membership through mail-in or email ballot. Voting for the outside directors offers members a direct voice in the governance of the Society.

Election process – According to the bylaws of Royal Neighbors of America, an election will be held each year for the members of its board of directors whose terms are expiring. However, the bylaws provide that the number of outside directors may vary between five and nine. In 2024 two positions will be filled. For the 2024 slate of candidates, the Governance Committee is recommending that Janet Sichterman be nominated for a three-year term, and Shawn Wright be nominated for a three-year term. Each candidate meets the qualifications set forth in Article III, Section 3 of the Society’s bylaws. This slate is subject to review and revision in the event any nominations from the general membership are received by April 1, 2024. If no such nominations are received, this slate is final.

The governance committee, with the exception of any member who is up for reelection, acted as the nominating committee, and, along with an additional board member selected to replace the board member who is up for reelection, selected a slate of candidates to be submitted to the board of directors for election. The 2024 nominating committee consisted of Alejandra Evans, Tracey Gray-Walker, Marie Ziegler, Lara Metcalf (Interim Committee Member), and Lynn Anderson (Interim Committee Member).

Nomination process – Adult Beneficial Members may nominate and submit a candidate to the Governance Committee. Two hundred (200) or more signatures of adult Beneficial Members are required to nominate each candidate by this method.

The governance committee will determine whether the candidate meets the required qualifications for inclusion on the ballot in accordance with the bylaws. Further information about candidate nominations and a nomination form also can be found on the Royal Neighbors of America website at Instructions for nominating a candidate are included on the nomination form.

Required qualifications – All outside director candidates must meet the following qualifications:

  • Must be a Beneficial Member of the Society at the time of election who has demonstrated devotion to the purposes of the Society.
  • The board maintains a mix of areas of expertise that satisfies the qualifications established by the Society and which reflects the complexity and magnitude of the business and affairs of the Society.

Information on additional qualifications as established by the Society’s Board of Directors is available at, or by contacting the Royal Neighbors of America Secretary at (800) 627-4762.

Who is not eligible to apply:

  • Current Royal Neighbors employees and sales representatives (and their current spouses or partners to a legally recognized civil union) are not eligible to serve.
  • Current corporate officers, employees, sales representatives, brokers, or directors of any other fraternal benefit society or organization issuing any line of insurance products offered by Royal Neighbors, and their immediate family members are prohibited from serving as an outside Royal Neighbors director.
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