Important news for members about the election of the Royal Neighbors of America Board of Directors.

Outside directors serving on the Royal Neighbors of America Board of Directors are elected by the Society’s adult beneficial membership through mail-in or email ballot. Voting for the outside directors offers members a direct voice in the governance of the Society.

Election process – According to the bylaws of Royal Neighbors of America, an election will be held each year for the members of its board of directors whose terms are expiring. The terms of Suzanne Riesterer, Edina, Minnesota; Marla Glabe, Northbrook, Illinois; Patricia Jones, Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Marie Ziegler, Bettendorf, Iowa, expire in 2019. Ms. Riesterer serves as vice chair of the board and is a member of the audit and compensation committees. Chair of the audit committee, Ms. Glabe is also on the compensation committee. Ms. Jones chairs the compensation committee and serves on the governance committee, and Ms. Ziegler is a member of the audit and investment committees.

The governance committee, with the exception of any member who is up for re-election, will select a slate of candidates to be submitted to the adult beneficial members for election. The 2019 nominating committee will consist of Justice Ruth McGregor, Phoenix, Arizona; Julie Bauer, West Orange, New Jersey; Estella Vallejo, Peoria Heights, Illinois; and Curt Zeck, Rock Island, Illinois. Lisa Kro, Orono, Minnesota, was appointed to the nominating committee to replace Patricia Jones, Minneapolis, Minnesota, who is seeking re-election.

Nomination process - Adult beneficial members may nominate and submit a candidate to the Governance Committee. Two hundred (200) or more signatures of adult beneficial members are required to nominate each candidate by this method. 

The governance committee will determine whether the candidate meets the required qualifications for inclusion on the ballot in accordance with the bylaws. Further information about candidate nominations and a nomination form also can be found on the Royal Neighbors of America website at www.royalneighbors.org/about-us/bylaws. Instructions for nominating a candidate are included on the nomination form.

Required qualifications - All outside director candidates must meet the following qualifications:

Information on additional qualifications as established by the Society’s Board of Directors is available at  www.royalneighbors.org, or by contacting the Royal Neighbors of America Secretary at (800) 627-4762.

Who is not eligible to apply:

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