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Chapter leaders are the sheroes and heroes of Royal Neighbors. They have the power to empower. They play a pivotal role in successfully planning, organizing, and completing chapter projects such as fund-raising for worthy causes that empower women and girls, mentoring girls to make quilts for cancer patients, and collecting food and clothing to help the hungry and homeless. 

Leadership roles include: president, secretary/treasurer, event planner, and social media coordinator. The team works together to qualify for funding for a variety of projects the chapter chooses to support. Both seasoned volunteers and inexperienced helpers gain valuable training in community service by taking on leadership roles as Royal Neighbors chapter leaders.

Information at Your Fingertips 24-7

Everything you, as a chapter leader, need to know to qualify for funding is readily available online, 24 hours a day, through the use of Royal Neighbors’ electronic forms. These convenient, easy-to-use forms result in quicker turnaround for funding, and reduces our carbon footprint by decreasing the need for paper forms. 

Report Your Successes 

Quarterly activity reports are used to share your successes and stories with Royal Neighbors. You can also record your members’ volunteer hours which helps your chapter qualify for additional funding for community projects.

Chapter Leader FormDescription
Chapter Leadership Planning GuideDesigned especially for chapter leaders, the guide provides information about programs, policies, contests, funding, and reporting…everything to help leaders and their chapters be successful.
Reporting Individual Member Volunteer HoursThis is where chapter leaders will report their member's individual volunteer hours.
Financial StatementAt the end of each year, the chapter secretary/treasurer must prepare a financial statement for an auditing committee to ensure cash account books are balanced and correct. This user-friendly form offers step-by-step instructions for easy completion.
Adult Chapter RosterAll adult chapters must have three officers to qualify as an active chapter. This form is an easy way to keep track of the officers and their contact information.
Youth Chapter RosterTo qualify as an active youth chapter, all youth chapters must have a youth director and an assistance youth director. This form is designed to maintain the contact information for these officers.
Quarterly Chapter ReportThis is where chapter leaders will report their meetings, events, projects, and activities for each quarter of the year.
Record of Chapter FundsMaintaining a record of the funds spent each quarter is an important part of an officer’s position.
Matching Funds RequestWhen planning a fund-raiser using the Matching Funds Program, this form must be completed to receive approval for the event. 
Matching Funds ReportFollowing a fund-raiser using the Matching Funds Program, this report must be completed in order to receive the matching funds from the Home Office.
Attendance RecordWhen hosting a chapter event, print out this form and ask your guests to sign in. This will enable you to reach out to them to participate in additional activities.
Photography Guidelines and SubmissionWe enjoy seeing pictures of chapter events and sharing them with others. This form offers guidelines for taking great pictures as well as providing the opportunity to easily submit photos online.
Photographic and Personal Statement ReleaseThis form ensures that chapter leaders and participants in Royal Neighbors events approve of their picture(s) being used in a variety of appropriate mediums.
Release and Waiver of LiabilityThis waiver is to be signed by all the special Royal Neighbors volunteers who give of their time and talents to make a difference in their community through Royal Neighbors activities.
Project Library Proposal FormWhen chapters host a particularly successful event, this is a great way to share the fun with others. Complete the form and the event could easily make its way to our online Project Library for other chapters to reference.

Training Webinars Library

The Webinar Library is a great resource. You can increase your chapter’s effectiveness by learning about topics such as how to run a chapter, community leadership skills, and tips to make sure your members are getting the most out of their Royal Neighbors membership.

Webinar Topics (Subject to Change)Quarter for Viewing
Chapter Leader Updates Part 1 Quarter 1
Chapter Leader Updates Part 2Quarter 1
Member BenefitsQuarter 1
Royal Neighbors FoundationQuarter 2
Reporting Procedures and FundingQuarter 2
Nation of NeighborsQuarter 2
Prescription Discount ProgramQuarter 4
Online Project LibraryQuarter 4
Online Reporting for Individual HoursQuarter 4

Royal Neighbors Chapter Leaders

Neighbor to Neighbor-ing it Forward, Bi-Monthly Communications

What’s happening in Community Leadership Chapters? Read the Neighbor to Neighbor newsletter!  This online, bi-monthly newsletter is designed to communicate interesting and helpful information to chapter leaders including success stories and updates about Royal Neighbors philanthropic initiatives.

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