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Insuring Lives.
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Serving Communities.

five ways royal neighbors stands up for women and their families

our mission

Our Mission
Financially empowering women and those they care about.

our history

Our History
Over 120 years of financial protection, volunteerism, and grants.

our products

Our Products
Easy-to-understand and, innovative, patent-pending products with patent-pending rider option.

our benefits

Our Benefits
Free and discounted goods and services. Apply for grants and scholarships.

our strength

Our Strength
A.M Best rating of A- Excellent (4th highest out of 15 possible) for overall financial strength and ability to meet ongoing obligations to certificate holders (as of December 31, 2015).

Why Do I Need Life Insurance?

You probably have several people you care about – your spouse, your children, and your parents. In addition to emotional support, they may count on you financially. While no life can be replaced, life insurance can provide a financial cushion so you can support those you love, even after you’re gone. 

So why do you need life insurance?

Because you have people who count on you to pay the mortgage and other monthly bills.
Because you want your children to have a debt-free college experience.
Because you don’t want to make others responsible for your financial obligations.
Because you want income tax advantaged death benefits to help protect you and your family.
Because life is precious.

Why Life Insurance for Your Family

What Solutions Are Right For Me?

These scenarios best describe my financial concerns (select all that apply):
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What Solutions Are Right For Me?

About me and my responsibilities:
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My Age
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My Partner's Age
Please Select An Option
Please Select An Option
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What Solutions Are Right For Me?

My Choices:
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How Much Coverage Do I Need?

More about me and my finances:
Please Select An Option
Insurance Types:
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Monthly/Annual Retirement Income: this includes Pension & Annuities.
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Amount of Other Debts
Please Select An Option
My Assets
Please Select An Option
Included 401K, IRA, and any other Investments
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How Much Coverage Do I Need?

My children and their education:
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Oldest Child

years old.
Please Select An Option
More Child Options
More Child Options
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How Much Coverage Do I Need?

More about me:
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My Coverage Choices

My current resources are: N/A
Includes estimated potential Social Security benefits
My recommended coverage is: N/A
My coverage gap is: N/A
How did we figure this out?
I am most concerned about:See My Concerns
    Riders are features you can add to customize your coverage based on your individual needs. These riders may add to the cost of your insurance. Click on the rider options below to learn more about each of the available riders.

    what riders ARE offerED WITH MY COVERAGE OPTIONS?

    Accidental Death Benefit

    More Info

    Accidental Death Benefit

    More Info

    Accidental Death Benefit

    More Info

    Accidental Death Benefit

    More Info

    Accidental Death Benefit

    More Info

    Accidental Death Benefit

    More Info

    Cancer Waiver Rider

    Our Cancer Waiver rider allows the insured to waive two years of premiums or monthly deductions if diagnosed with Stage II or greater cervical, ovarian, or breast cancer prior to turning 60 years old. This rider eliminates the concern of making life insurance payments during this period so the insured can focus energy on what’s really important – getting well and spending time with loved ones.
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    Free and Discounted Programs for Our Members

    Opportunities to save money, volunteer, and more!

    Do you or someone in your household (select all that apply):

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    Free & Discounted Programs for Our Members

    Opportunities to save money, volunteer, and more!

    Benefits you ARE interested in:

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    Legal services

    Dental Icon

    Dental care discounts

    Retail Discounts

    Retail discounts

    Prescription Icon

    Prescription drug discount


    Vision discounts


    Cashback online shopping


    Hearing aid discounts


    Lifeline screenings

    Benefits you MAY BE interested in:

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    From Beginning
    Restart Coverage

    The Benefits of Membership*

    Royal Neighbors believes in sharing. Here are a few ways we enhance our members lives. 

    Royal Neighbors Member Benefit Card
    Royal Neighbors Member Benefit Card
    Dental Beneift


    Smile. Members save 5% - 50% on dental services.

    Vision Discounts


    See significant savings of up to 50% on eyewear and exams.

    Prescription Discounts


    Healthy discounts of 15% - 60% off generic drugs, 15% - 25% off name brand prescriptions.

    Legal Discounts


    Free and discounted services through over 17,000 pre-qualified attorneys.

    Online Shopping Discounts


    Shop and save. Earn 1% - 40% cashback on online shopping.

    Cash Back Discounts


    Enjoy discounts at over 100,000 places such as fitness centers, restaurants, hotels, and more.

    Learn More About Our Member Benefits

    *Membership benefits are not guaranteed. Please do not purchase or keep insurance or annuity products in order to be eligible or maintain nonguaranteed membership benefits. You should only purchase or keep these products if they meet your financial needs. Please assess the cost of purchasing and maintaining insurance or annuity products with the benefits received.  

    JETerm is New

    JETerm Takes Flight!

    Announcing JETerm! See what unique options our newest product offers. Learn more.

    New Member Portal Hero Slider

    Check Out Our Member Website!

    The member website provides members the opportunity to manage their Royal Neighbors certificates, documents, payment schedules, address, beneficiary, and profile changes, etc., easily via computer, laptop, or mobile device. Visit our member website.

    You Can Be A Difference Maker

    Are You a Difference Maker?

    Do you want to improve your community but need a little help? Our Difference Maker Fund offers Royal Neighbors members $200 in seed money to support a cause they are passionate about.  Get started now!

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    Vote today and help us choose the 'best of the best'

    Cast your vote for your top three favorite Difference Maker Fund projects. $500 will go to the cause the winning project supports.

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    Royal Neighbor Magazine Issue 1 2017

    Issue 1 2017

    In this issue you’ll get to know Jane Morse-Swett of Clearwater, FL, and learn why she is a Women With Purpose. You can gain some tips for setting the stage for a financially healthy lifestyle and read about how our Difference Maker Fund grant program offers you the opportunity to make a genuine impact in your own community. There is a board of directors’ election coming up. Read about it on page 11. The Nation of NeighborsSM Program is celebrating its 10th anniversary and nominations are now open for the 2017 program.

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    Royal Neighbors of America
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    The calculations contained within this calculator are specific to Royal Neighbors of America. It is intended to estimate an amount of life insurance coverage if death occurred in the near future. It is not a recommendation for specific coverage amounts. Your financial needs may differ from the estimates. Royal Neighbors does not guarantee that the amount illustrated here will meet your financial needs. You are responsible for selecting the appropriate amount of coverage. To evaluate your specific needs, please contact Royal Neighbors directly at (866) 845-6665.

    • Immediate Needs N/A
    • Mortgage Amount: N/A
      Other Debts: N/A
      Funeral Expenses:N/A
    • Long-term Needs N/A
    • College Costs: N/A
      Total Income:N/A
    • Total Needs N/A
    • Immediate Resources N/A
    • Investment Assets N/A
      Life Insurance Proceeds N/A
    • Long-term Resources N/A
    • Partner's Earnings N/A
      Social Security N/A
    • Total Resources N/A
    Additional Life Insurance Needed
    • Your total needs minus your total resources means you need N/A

    Income Replacement Estimate

    This chart estimates how much life insurance your loved ones may need to replace your income and maintain their current standard of living. Your dependents may be eligible to collect Social Security income benefits, which are included in the calculation below. The “Insurance Needed” column does not include financial needs such as paying off debt or paying for college.
    Year Partner Age Partner Income S.S. Income Available Income Desired Income Surplus/Shortfall Available Resources Insurance Needed

    Calculations include your answers to the previous questions, in addition to the following: 3% investment return; 2.6% anticipated inflation rate; $8,500 for funeral expenses which is based on the national median cost for an adult funeral in 2014 according to the National Funeral Directors Association1; 75% of your annual combined income for desired annual income needs; and 15 years for the number of years’ income needed or the calculation of the number of years it will take your youngest child to complete higher education, whichever is greater. Social Security benefits were factored based on the age of your youngest children (up to 4). Immediate needs include your mortgage, other debts, and $8,500 for funeral expenses.

    College cost estimates are based on the following parameters (based on data provided by [College Board] . The inflation rate for college costs (5.48% annually) is based on the Bureau of Labor and Statistics Consumer Pricing Index average from January 1996-June 2016. This rate will factor into college cost assumptions for future years, adjusted annually.

    • Amount for community college: 2 years @ $3,435/year (tuition and fees only)
    • Amount for public university: 4 years @ $19,548/year (tuition, fees, room and board)
    • Amount for private university: 4 years @ $43,921/year (tuition, fees, room and board)

    1 “The national median cost of a funeral with viewing and burial for calendar year 2014 was $7,181. If a vault is included, something that is typically required by a cemetery, the median cost is $8,508. The cost does not take into account cemetery, monument or marker costs or miscellaneous cash-advance charges, such as for flowers or an obituary.” http://www.nfda.org/news/statistics

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