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Ready, Set, Go Make a Difference!

Want to be a local hero? Here’s an easy and exciting way for you to “be the change you would like to see in YOUR corner of the world.” The Difference Maker Fund is a program offering Royal Neighbors members $200 in seed money to support a community project that aligns with Royal Neighbors’ mission of empowering women and girls. 

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If you aren’t sure where to start or what to do, Royal Neighbors can help. Check out the Online Project Library. Discover ideas that other members have posted, and learn from the best on how to make your community project a success. Being a difference maker has never been so easy! 

General Guidelines

Projects can be a fund-raiser, service activity, or educational event. The focus is to improve your community and cover at least one of the following purposes:

All Royal Neighbors members are eligible to apply for one grant per year. Invite your friends, family, and people in your community to help with the project, and make an even bigger difference. 

Approved projects receive a Difference Maker Project Kit including:

After you have successfully launched your project, be sure to complete a post-event report for a chance to win a $500 prize towards the charitable organization helped by that project. Projects with submitted reports are eligible. 

You can also include your project in the Royal Neighbors Project Library so your ideas can be used by others.

Fill out our online application and start making a difference!

Difference Maker Fund Project

1st QuarterThe deadline for 1st Quarter applications is Feb. 1; grants announced by Feb. 15; final report is due by May 1
2nd QuarterThe deadline for 2nd Quarter applications is May 1; grants announced by May 15; final report due by Aug. 1
3rd QuarterThe deadline for 3rd Quarter applications is Aug. 1; grants announced by Aug. 15; final report due by Nov. 1
4th QuarterThe deadline for 4th Quarter applications is Nov. 1; grants announced by Nov. 15; final report due by Feb. 1, 2017

Complete Your Final Report, Enter to Win More Money for Your Cause

You can complete your post-event report online. Don’t forget that projects with submitted post-event reports are eligible for a chance to win a $500 prize towards the charitable organization helped by that project.

All remaining projects with qualified final reports will be entered into a drawing for a second $500 prize, also to be awarded to the cause served by the project.

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