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9 Excellent Reasons to be Grateful for Babyboomers

Nov 11, 2016
Mary and Lowen
Mary is more than happy to take on babysitting duty for granddaughter Lowen when mom and dad need a night out!

We all have people in our lives for whom we are especially thankful, and each generation can be grateful to the others for many things. They may be years apart in age, but Millennials have more reasons to thank Babyboomers than they might think.

As a Millennial, I am thankful to Babyboomers for:

  1. Putting out the welcome mat when I have to move back home
  2. Saving and passing along family recipes
  3. Sharing the family history
  4. Teaching me about family values
  5. Being my banker when necessary
  6. Teaching me to embrace technology with my first Nintendo
  7. Setting an example about the value of recycling
  8. Teaching me the importance of financially planning for my future
  9. Being the best babysitter ever when I need a night out

Remember, thankfulness doesn’t expire on Black Friday!

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