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9 Great Reasons to be Thankful for Millennials

Nov 9, 2016
Rita, Levi, and Juniper
Proud grandma Rita with grandchildren Juniper and Levi.

During the month of November, we are reminded to give special thanks to those who fill our lives with joy and purpose. Sometimes we do notice the infamous “generation gap,” but typically from generation to generation, we learn from each other and build on our strengths. It may not always be evident, but Babyboomers can be thankful to Millennials for many reasons. 

As a Babyboomer, I am thankful to Millennials for:

  1. Teaching me how to use my TV, smartphone, computer, and all things technological
  2. Keeping me young and active 
  3. Giving me grandchildren
  4. Allowing me to spoil those grandchildren
  5. At least pretending to listen to my advice on child-rearing
  6. Climbing the ladder to help with household chores
  7. Ensuring my clothes are “cool” but age-appropriate
  8. Hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house for a change
  9. Respecting and learning from my life experiences

Give thanks all year ‘round for the people who make your life better!

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