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Give Your Family 10 “Keys” to Your Life

Jul 18, 2016

Give your family the keys to your life

Will your family know where to find important information if you’re not able to? One of the most valuable gifts you can give your loved ones are the “keys” to your life. For example:

1. Personal information (birthdate, birthplace, Social Security number, marriage license, etc.)

2. Family medical history

3. What you have (assets, liabilities, bank accounts, real estate, insurance, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, retirement plans/pensions, credit card accounts, military benefits, collectibles, etc.)

4. Banker, investment advisor, attorney, doctor, insurance agent

5. Will and financial and medical powers of attorney

6. Safe deposit box (where it is and where the keys are located)

7. Organ donation choices

8. Final wishes

9. Lists (electronic passwords, family recipes, family history, personal highlights of your life, etc.)

10. Location of the above (share information only with a trusted family member, advisor, or estate executor)

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