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2018 Scholarship Winners

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Congratulations to the 2018 Royal Neighbors Scholarship Recipients.

For more than half a century, Royal Neighbors has awarded scholarships to its members who have goals and aspirations that require additional education. We are proud to introduce the 27 members who received grants in the 2018 scholarship program. Congratulations and best of luck!

Making A Difference Scholarships

Making A Difference Leader Scholarship

photo of amy geenen
Amy Geenen, Chapter 40008, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

photo of Holly Black
Holly Black
Chapter 40027, Rockford, Illinois

photo of Keegan Brown
Keegan Brown
Chapter 20108, Orion, Illinois

photo of Hannah Cannon
Hannah Cannon
Chapter 3190, Winchester, Illinois

photo of Madeline Douglas
Madeline Douglas
Chapter 50001, Western Region

photo of Alysa Goethe
Alysa Goethe
Chapter 20130, Bettendorf, Iowa

photo of Grace McGee
Grace McGee
Chapter 20130, Bettendorf, Iowa

photo of Callie Minch
Callie Minch
Chapter 20082, Sherrard, Illinois

photo of Clare VanSpeybroeck
Clare VanSpeybroeck
Chapter 30014, Moline, Illinois

photo of Sophia Wilker
Sophia Wilker
Chapter 7072, Guthrie Center, Iowa

photo of kinsey wiseman
Kinsey Wiseman
Chapter 5805, Grenola, Kansas

New Horizons Scholarships

New Horizons Leader Scholarship

photo of Cassandra McGee
Cassandra McGee, Chapter 20130, Bettendorf, Iowa

photo of jonathan ball
Jonathan Ball
Chapter 50002, Midwest Region

photo of Emma Gaas
Emma Gaas
Chapter 7826, Roseberg, Texas

photo of Jennifer Hohol
Jennifer Hohol
Chapter 561, Wausau, Wisconsin

photo of Lea Hudson
Lea Hudson
Chapter 1440, Portland, Oregon

photo of Taylor McGlaughlin
Taylor McGlaughlin
Chapter 40099, Danville, Illinois

photo of Heidi OBrien
Heidi O'Brien
Chapter 20130, Bettendorf, Iowa

photo of blake peterson
Blake Peterson
Chapter 1074, Crotty, Kansas

photo of Grant Redpath
Grant Redpath
Chapter 20025, Viola, Illinois

photo of Isabella Ritz
Isabelle Ritz
Chapter 50002, Midwest Region

photo of Trish Stevens
Trish Stevens
Chapter 50003, Eastern Region

Life Enrichment Scholarships

photo of Audrey Blumenstock
Audrey Blumenstock
Chapter 20079, Lincoln, Nebraska

photo of Shelby Burroughs
Shelby Burroughs
Chapter 20003, Rock Island, Illinois

photo of Mason Chin
Mason Chin
Chapter 20055, Davenport, Iowa

photo of Connie Chou
Connie Chou
Chapter 40006, San Francisco, California

photo of Tianna Stieglitz
Tianna Stieglitz
Chapter 40072, Ft. Wayne, Indiana

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