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2017 Scholarship Winners

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Congratulations to the 2017 Royal Neighbors Scholarship Recipients.

For more than half a century, Royal Neighbors has awarded scholarships to its members who have goals and aspirations that require additional education. We are proud to introduce the 27 members who received grants in the 2017 scholarship program. Congratulations and best of luck!

Making A Difference Scholarships

Making A Difference Leader Scholarship

photo of Pranjal Kadwe
Pranjal Kadwe, Chapter 20003, Rock Island, IL
University of Illinois at Chicago

Erica Barnett
Erica Barnett
Chapter 20055, Davenport, IA
University of Iowa

photo of McKara Caldwell
McKara Caldwell
Chapter 20025, Viola, IL
Indiana Wesleyan University

photo of Hannah Hichborn
Hannah Hichborn
Chapter 20130, Bettendorf, IA
Iowa State University

photo of Michael Ioffe
Michael Ioffe
Chapter 1440, Portland, OR
Babson College

photo of Sydney Long
Sydney Long
Chapter 30005, Lincoln, NE
University of Nebraska - Lincoln

photo of Grace Lundquist
Grace Lundquist
Chapter 7072, Guthrie Center, IA
Iowa State University

photo of Sean Mather
Sean Mather
Chapter 1329, Oakland, MN
University of Minnesota Twin Cities

photo of Ella McMullin
Ella McMullin
Chapter 1440, Portland, OR
Colorado College

photo of Jake Wietfeld
Jake Wietfeld
Chapter 50002, Midwest Region
University of Nebraska - Lincoln

photo of Lilly Woerner
Lilly Woerner
Chapter 4829, Chicago, IL
American University

New Horizons Scholarships

New Horizons Leader Scholarship

photo of Courtney Young
Courtney Young, Chapter 20018, Austin, TX
Metropolitan State University of Denver

photo of Jasmine Babers
Jasmine Babers
Chapter 20132, Rock Island, IL
University of Illinois at Chicago

photo of Shelby Burroughs
Shelby Burroughs
Chapter 20003, Rock Island, IL
Augustana College

photo of Julia Gaas
Julia Gaas
Chapter 7826, Rosenberg, TX
Texas A&M University

photo of Melissa Hoffman
Melissa Hoffman
Chapter 40091, Grand Junction, CO
University of Nebraska - Kearney

photo of Jennifer Hohol
Jennifer Hohol
Chapter 561, Wausau, WI
Washington University in St. Louis

photo of Kourtney Klette
Kourtney Klette
Chapter 50002, Midwest Region
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

photo of Cassandra McGee
Cassandra McGee
Chapter 20130, Bettendorf, IA
University of Iowa

photo of Valamere Mikler
Valamere Mikler
Chapter 40009, Miami, FL
Walden University

photo of Isabella Ritz
Isabelle Ritz
Chapter 50002, Midwest Region
Oklahoma State University

photo of Lily Waite
Lily Waite
Chapter 2451, Cleveland, MO
MidAmerica Nazarene University

Life Enrichment Scholarships

photo of Connie Chou
Connie Chou
Chapter 40006, San Francisco, CA
Chapman University

photo of Thomas Kocis
Thomas Kocis
Chapter 50003, Eastern Region
Point Park University

photo of Hannah Meiners
Hannah Meiners
Chapter 30, Sterling, IL
University of North Florida

photo of Grant Redpath
Grant Redpath
Chapter 20025, Viola, IL
Illinois State University

photo of Lukas Woerner
Lukas Woerner
Chapter 4829, Chicago, IL
American University

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