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Chapter Matching Funds Program

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Supporting the Fund-Raising Efforts of our Community Chapters

We are committed to enhancing the fund-raising efforts of our chapters through our Matching Funds Program.

How to use this program

  • Prior to hosting your chapter fund-raiser, please apply using our online system to participate in our Matching Funds Program
  • Once approved, share the good news with the non-profit organization your chapter is supporting and carry out your project
  • Post-project, your chapter is required to fill out a final report via our online system
  • Once this report is submitted, we will email a form to the non-profit receiving your funds to verify the donation
  • Once verified, we will send them a check for the matching amount up to $1,000
  • Please remember to submit your volunteer hours for this project in your chapter’s quarterly report

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matching_fundsprojectChapter Criteria to Participate

  • Only chapters of Royal Neighbors of America in good standing can participate in this program
  • Your chapter must have met the 150-hour funding level at least once in the past year
  • Quarterly reports must have been submitted on time for the last year or since being chartered if the chapter is less than a year old
  • Annual Chapter Roster and Financial Report must have been submitted on time
  • Your chapter must apply for funding in advance of the project; it’s recommended to apply at least 60 days before a project; a decision is typically communicated within two weeks of submission

matching_fundsbannerProgram Criteria

  • Chapters must apply online to participate and receive pre-approval; funds will not be awarded for projects that have not been pre-approved
  • Each chapter can only use this program for one non-profit organization per year; multiple fund-raisers can be held to reach $1,000, but only one check will be sent
  • Funds will only be awarded to projects that are supporting a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
  • After the project is complete, an online final report must be submitted
  • Once the final report is submitted, the Chapter will receive a form to be completed by the non-profit and returned to Royal Neighbors in order to receive matching funds
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