Member Benefits FAQs

We’re pleased to announce an updated member benefits card is coming your way around June 1, 2017!

As a valued member of Royal Neighbors of America, you have access to many valuable member benefits designed to help meet the needs of every stage of your life. With this new card, you can enjoy discounts on services at pharmacies, dentists, optical locations, and more.

Beginning June 1, 2017, visit to see all the money-saving benefits available to you. Fellow members report saving from hundreds to thousands of dollars each year!

How do I know if I have the right card?

New Benefits CardYour new card will look like this. It should arrive in the mail around June 1, 2017. The new card is effective starting June 1, 2017.

When do I need to stop using my current card?

Old Benefits CardYour current card expires on May 31, 2017. This means you will need to present the new card the next time you use your member benefits discount at your pharmacy, dental provider, etc.

Will I be able to use the new card at my current doctor/provider?

The new card is accepted at thousands of providers across the country. Check with your providers to see if your new member benefits discounts will be accepted or if your discount amount has changed. If the new discount card is not accepted, ask your providers to call (800) 800-7616 or email to join the network. We would be delighted to have them be part of our program!

Why am I getting a new card?

We have updated our member benefits discount program. Your new card has new information on the back that your doctor/provider uses to apply your discounts.

What is different about my member benefits? What will stay the same?

While the discount programs are the same, some of the networks that provide these programs may have changed. If your provider is a nationwide chain, there is a good chance it participates in both networks, though the discount amount may vary. In other cases, your provider may not have participated in our current program, but may participate in the new one, so even if you have checked before you may want to check again! Also, we are introducing a new Member Benefits website on June 1, 2017. This website is your one-stop shop to view all of the benefits available to members of Royal Neighbors.

Are there new benefits?

We look forward to offering additional member benefits that are designed to fit the needs of our members. New benefits may be added at any time, so please visit our website regularly to learn about additional saving opportunities for you and your family!

Can my family members still use my member benefits card?

Yes, our member benefits discount card is available to anyone in your immediate family who resides in your household.

Can I request additional member benefits cards?

Yes! There are two easy ways to get an additional or replacement member benefits card. After June 1, 2017, go to and print an additional member benefits card. Alternatively, you can call (844) 529-5787 and request a new member benefits card to be sent to your home address.

What benefits does this card offer?

This member benefits card offers discounts on prescription drugs, dental, vision, hearing aids, LASIK, and more. Also included are free and discounted legal services and retail benefits. Click here for details about each program.

Has the membership fee for general members changed?

No. If you are a general member, the annual membership fee is still $20. If you own life insurance or an annuity with Royal Neighbors of America, you are considered a beneficial member and there is no additional charge.

Will this program affect my life insurance premiums?

No. These discounts are provided at no additional cost as a part of your Royal Neighbors of America membership. They are not part of any insurance or annuity contract.

Member benefits are provided at the discretion of Royal Neighbors of America and are not available in all states. They are not part of any insurance or annuity contract and are not guaranteed. Insurance or annuity products should not be purchased for eligibility or maintenance of non-guaranteed membership benefits. These products should only be purchased if they meet the financial needs of the applicant. Member benefits are administered by a third party.

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