Life insurance is important to ensure you and your family are financially secure. It can help pay off a mortgage, cover college tuition costs or other daily expenses in the event you die prematurely.

Life insurance terms to know:
Whole Life Insurance
Permanent insurance. Whole life insurance provides lifelong coverage and the ability to accumulate cash value while paying level, predictable
premiums. Learn more.
Universal Life Insurance
Potential to build cash value
while offering the flexibility in premium payments. Learn more.
Simplified Issue Whole Life
Insurance to help ease your family’s burden for final expenses. Learn more.
Single Premium Whole Life Insurance
Insurance that can be useful in transferring wealth to your beneficiaries. Learn more.
Worried about outliving your money? Grow your retirement
nest egg with these savings options. Learn more.

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Watch our financial expert and Certified Financial Planner Lauren Lyons Cole explain why women need life insurance.
Breadwinner Moms
Need to Protect Incomes

Life insurance studies say women underinsured compared to men

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, the perfect time for women to reassess their insurance needs. Although women are the sole or primary breadwinners in a record 40% of U.S. households1, their life insurance coverage is only 69 per cent of the average coverage on men.2 There are tools for women to determine how much life insurance they need to close the gap.

Four Life Insurance Questions to Ask:
  1. How much will it cost to pay off your debts such as a mortgage, credit card payments, auto or other loans, if you were to die prematurely?
  2. What are your ongoing expenses? Don’t forget daycare, tuition, grocery, and energy bills.
  3. Would your family be able to pay its bills? Nearly two-thirds of financial decision makers admit they would have trouble paying everyday bills within a few months.3
  4. Do you have enough to pay for funeral expenses? The average funeral costs over $7,000.4
Calculate how much life insurance you will need

“Women must protect their income,” urges Cynthia Tidwell, President/CEO of Royal Neighbors of America, one of the largest and oldest women-led insurers in the United States. “Life insurance can help replace your salary to continue to cover childcare expenses, pay off a mortgage, or protect college dreams if you die prematurely. It enables your loved ones to maintain their lifestyle throughout a very emotional time.”
Starting Out
Learn about life insurance. Our easy and affordable life protection and member benefit options empower you and your community.
To financially protect what means most, learn about our life insurance and member benefit options including scholarships.
Empty Nesters
Secure your financial future and learn about our life insurance and member benefit options to empower you and other women pursuing their dreams.
You’ve earned it. Get smart and learn how to protect your retirement with our products as well as options for our valuable member health discounts and other benefits.
On Your Own
Take center stage, grow, and give back. Learn how our financial protection products, valuable member benefits, and volunteer programs can empower yourself and other women in your community.

The Life Insurance Market Research Association (LIMRA) reports that one in three U.S. households have no life insurance at all. For those that do, they only own enough on average to replace household income for 3.5 years. The recommended industry rule of thumb starts at twice that from 7-10 years.5

“Women absolutely need life insurance,” says financial journalist and NBC Today Show Financial Editor Jean Chatzky in a recent interview. “If you have dependents who rely on your income, you need to be protected, period.”

Royal Neighbors of America, one of the nation’s largest women-led life insurance organizations, empowers women to meet the needs of their families with annuities and life insurance products such as whole life, term, final expense, and universal life. With assets over $868 million and life insurance in force totaling more than $2.7 billion as of Dec. 31, 2013, Royal Neighbors has the financial strength and stability to ensure its nearly 200,000 members are protected when the expected, and unexpected, happen. In addition to insurance products, Royal Neighbors provides member benefits at no additional cost which currently include scholarship opportunities, health and retail discounts, and participation in volunteer activities that give back to communities through the organization’s local chapters. Royal Neighbors’ philanthropic efforts are dedicated to changing women’s lives through its national programs, including the Nation of NeighborsSM Program, and through the Royal Neighbors Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity.

Royal Neighbors is headquartered in Rock Island, IL, with a branch office in Mesa, AZ. For more information visit or call (800) 627-4762

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